We combine our expertise, access to the best commercial products and technology with our deep comprehension of customer needs to create the best solutions.

Gamble Lock, Door and Glass was founded in 1971 in Newmarket and continues to provide service from our retail location to this date. In the last 50+ years, we have grown into an industry leader in the automated door industry, serving clients on a national scale. We still maintain our focus on customer satisfaction and making sure every job is done exactly to customer specifications.

Gamble Lock, Door and Glass is a dedicated facility management supplier servicing companies across Canada. We specialize in AODA compliance, and help make all of our clients meet government mandated accessibility thresholds.

Seamless Integration:

Gamble Lock guarantees quality service by providing a diverse array of security options, from conventional lock fixtures and master key systems to state-of-the-art automatic door hardware; all customized to harmonize effortlessly with our clients’ requirements and current setups.

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Innovative Hardware:

Our company distinguishes itself through the provision of cutting-edge hardware solutions, leveraging the latest innovations in door and lock technology to deliver unparalleled security and convenience to our clients. Whether it’s advanced keyless entry systems, high-security locks, or automated door systems, we tailor our offerings to meet the evolving needs of modern security challenges.

Professional Installations:

Our company ensures high quality work through meticulous attention to detail. We employ highly trained professionals who adhere to the highest industry standards. With rigorous quality control processes and precision techniques, we guarantee that every lock, door and pane of glass is installed flawlessly, providing our clients with peace of mind and confidence in their protection.

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