Locksmith Services

Gamble Lock has been providing residential locksmith services in our community since 1971. Providing professional and reliable service for all of York Region, and the entire GTA. Contact us today to get Gamble Lock and get secure!

Commercial Door Hardware, Residential Door Hardware, Door closers, Automatic Door Openers, Sliding Doors, Commercial Office doors.

All of our technicians are licensed and bonded, and are all company employees, we do not use sub-contractors. Generations of home-owners have come to trust Gamble Lock, for locks keys and safes.

The residential locksmith services we provide include:

Lock Repair

Our Locksmith technicians are able to repair most faulty locksets. Including sticky keys, or door/frame misalignment. We carry all the commonly available parts in our service vehicles and our retail locksmith store. In the event your lockset is beyond repair, new locksets are also carried on board our service vehicles.

Rekeying your home locks

This is commonly referred to as “Changing your locks”. When we rekey your locks, our skilled locksmith technicians will disassemble your lock, and remove the existing lock pins (tumblers). The technician will then install a new set of lock pins that match a new set of keys. This process is fairly quick, and typically takes five to ten minutes per lock. Once completed, the old keys will no longer function in the lock. We can provide as many new key as you require on the spot. We offer both onsite lock rekeys, or you can remove your locks and bring them into our shop to have them rekeyed while you wait.

Upgrade Your Home Locks

High security lock options are also available, offering key control and pick/bump resistance and patented key control.