Different kinds of Electric Strikes

Electric strikes are used to secure and control entry to buildings and commercial facilities.

Electric strikes provide an additional layer of security by effectively securing doors against unauthorized entry. Unlike traditional locks, electric strikes can be integrated with access control systems, allowing you to monitor and control who enters your premises more effectively.

Electric strikes can be easily integrated into existing access control systems or used as standalone units, offering flexibility in design and implementation. They can also be installed on various types of doors, wood, metal, and glass doors.

Depending on the application, Electric strikes can be configured to comply with fire safety regulations and building codes by integrating them with emergency exit systems. They can be set to release automatically during emergencies, ensuring quick and safe egress for occupants.

Whether you’re securing a commercial building, office space, or residential property, electric strikes provide a reliable and efficient access control solution.

There are different types of electric strikes depending on your needs and code regulations in your area, fire rated electric strikes, surface mounted, heavy duty industrial grade, and so on. Please call one of our security professionals to help you select the right electric strike for your project, we sell and install electric strikes in the Toronto area and Canada wide.