Revolving Doors

Revolving doors are an amazing feature in architectural design, prized for their ability to manage traffic flow efficiently while conserving energy. The installation of these doors demands meticulous planning and expertise to seamlessly integrate them into a building’s entrance. This process requires precise measurements, structural assessments, and collaboration with the building management to ensure smooth operation and aesthetic harmony with the surrounding architecture.

Revolving doors are an excellent solution to help control building temperature by keeping cold out and heat in and stack pressure, which helps save money and energy.

Revolving doors are gaining popularity for their modern, sleek appearance, allowing ample natural light to filter through while making a bold architectural statement.

Manual Glass Revolving Doors

Manual revolving doors are the most economical solution, it does not require electrical They are a great choice to provide energy savings keeping the temperature indoor as it stops moving once a visitor has passed through.

They just need a gentle push to get started and always come to a stop waiting for the next person to use it.

Automatic Revolving Doors

It provides you with smooth entrance and reliable performance with the best available mechanism and gives you a combination of aluminum, glass, slim profiles and insulation materials that meet energy efficiency and a smooth entrance to satisfy all your demands.

Automatic Revolving Doors are ideal for facilities with a steady and heavy traffic flow, including hospitals, hotels, supermarkets, and retail.


Keeping your revolving doors in good operating condition with a preventive maintenance program will save you money and keep customer traffic moving on a consistent basis at your main entrance.

Canada’s weather is very hard on revolving doors due to salt, water and the factor of all freezing and thawing constantly making a PM very important.

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