Door Closers

We have a great selection of Heavy duty commercial Door Closers. Visit our showroom or call us to speak to a professional locksmith or buy online, we ship to all Canada.


There are different kinds of door closers available and eahc of them has a defined use for each application.

You must carefully select the one that best suites the application, adequately controls the door and of course complies with relevant standards and building regulations.

Efficiency of the door closer also has a major bearing on ease of operation. For optimum performance it is essential that a highly efficient door closer of a correct size is selected.

Fire doors and pressurized stairwells pose significant challenges in ensuring closing and latching of fire doors. To achieve complete fire safety, fire doors must latch securely at all times. If this performance is not achieved, the stairwell may be unsafe, and in the event of fire, loss of life and property may occur. Correct selection of door hardware is of paramount importance in ensuring that the appropriate operating standards are met.

We carry LCN, Falcon, Sargent, Dorex and many other leading brands.

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