Safes Aurora

A safe is a secure lockable box that it has a locking system and is used to safely store money, valuables or documents. Are you sure that the security of your home or your work is the best? Do you believe that your valuables are safe? Gambelock has a great catalog of variety of safes […]

Electronic Locks

The security has been getting great innovations, nowadays the electronic locks increase the safety of the users and their belongings. Here are the most important things to know about the recent market. All electronic locks use an electromagnet or a motor in order to open/close a security mechanism and there are two main appoaches, fail-safe […]

Bluetooth padlock

Smart Electronic padlocks By using near-field communication (NFC) Bluetooth padlocks unlock your lock. The user can authorize, deny and delete several guests without the need to change the entire padlock or cylinder, enough only to download and use the respective app from Google Play or App Store. The system offers higher security preventing vicinity interception […]

Electronic deadbolt

Summary By using a keypad or push buttons to type a password that unlocks the door, this device offers a personal keypad to get more control over who has access to the door. Features: Battery operated Low battery indicator Led illuminated keyboard Key override Multi-user capabilities (6 different codes) Optional auto-locking function Easy to install […]

Rekayable padlock

Features Removable cylinder for quick rekeying Solid machined brass body with pearl chrome plating Easily converted from snap shut to key captive function Double ball locking 8mm stainless steel shackle as standard


The GT20 Door Operator Assembly allows several types of installations and offers many functions. The user can customize an automatic door easily and feel comfortably pass through. The controller can be easily attached. When lack of power, the user can open the door manualy and then automatically closed. For wheelchair users the door remains open […]