Electronic Access Control

wireless access control

Wireless access control solutions

Save thousands of dollars in wiring, installation and management software using wireless electronic access control solutions integrated in your door hardware.

No wires required installation can be made in minutes.

Uses different types of credentials: Access Cards, keyfobs, Wristbands or even your phone.

Utilize existing Wi-Fi architecture for lower infrastructure and installation costs – no panel or gateway required

Reduce the time and costs associated with managing keys due to frequent lost keys or employee turnover .

Know who and when access your office areas, the Engage system provides a detailed audit of events .

Integrates seamlessly into existing Electronic Access Control systems

Convenient and efficient remote management with daily scheduled updates for capture of historical events and remote access

Bluetooth mobile device compatibility allows option for immediate updates to be made at the door

Smart credentials allow users to carry access rights and updates to device at door

Event audits captured in the device can be obtained on demand by visiting and connecting to device with mobile application

Call one of our security experts, we sell systems from a two door office to thousands of users in different locations. We will work with you to find a solution that matches your needs and budget.

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