LCN 4040XP Door Closer


LCN 4040XP Door Closer


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LCN 4040XP Door Closer


  • For aluminum, hollow metal, or wood swinging doors and frames.
  • Can be used with hinge or pivot mounted door.
  • Adapter plates and other installation accessories available for unusual conditions.

Features Common to 4000 Series

  • Each closer (except 4050, 4040XP, 4040XPT, 4030, 4030T) is designed for a specific mounting; hinge side, top jamb, or parallel arm. LCN 4040XP closer with regular or hold-open arm mounts hinge side or top jamb. 4030, 4040XP and 4050 regular parallel arm closers include 62PA SHOE required to parallel arm mount either regular or hold-open arm.
  • Handed for right or left swinging doors, except for 4000T, 4030, 4030T, 4040XP, 4050 and 4040XPT.
  • Closers to meet ADA reduced opening force requirements except 4000T.
  • Adjustable hydraulic backcheck cushions opening swing prior to 90°.
  • Separate regulation of general closing speed and latching speed.
  • Joints in regular arm and shoe adapt to uneven trim.
  • Reversible shoe to boost latching power on double lever arms.
  • Available in a wide range of standard or optional custom powder coat finishes to blend with door and frame.
  • Plated finishes available to accent door and frame.
  • Not designed for exterior mounting or exposed to elements.

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